A few years ago my Trainer and Mentor, Nancy Forrester (NeftTI.com), shared an idea with me that I just loved and never forgot.  I kept this idea close and hoped that when the time came for my older daughter to move away to attend university that she would be game for the idea.  Well, she liked the idea too!

We went into the store with smiles on our faces.  It was fun to look at all the possible choices.  As store helpers came to make sure we were looked after we shared with them what our plan was, that put a smile on their faces too.  We both chose an animal we felt somehow represented us.  I gravitated to the bunny and my daughter to a brown bear.  We lined up with the rest of the kids to get our stuffed animals filled.  We chose our hearts and performed the little heart ritual which I enjoyed as it was all good energy and intentions going into the heart.  Then we added custom scents – I picked lavender because I love essential oils, my daughter chose sugar cookie because she loves to bake.  Next was our favourite part – picking out the clothes!  Then we sat down to create the certificates for our animals.  We used our names for our stuffed animals, I name mine Momma Bunny.  We both found the process fun!  Now the next step was to get them home and make sure to take a picture of the two of the animals together.  Then we gave each other the stuffed animal we made.

My daughters bear has stayed home with me and Momma Bunny went with my daughter to her dorm room.  Even when we are not with each other, there is a little part of us, a little love if it’s ever needed as we navigate this new chapter together but apart.  My wish is for this idea to be shared with as many parents as possible so if they love the idea too, they can keep it close and enjoy the process of creating a little more love and connection with their child when it’s time for their child to start their next chapter!


Building Love & Connection with a Bunny & a Bear

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