The older I get the more I realize how important it is to experience nature in my life on a regular basis. A couple of weeks ago I was admiring some of our evergreen trees and how beautiful they were with their two toned colour.  It got me thinking about how brilliant and obvious their healthy new growth was.  How every year they produce new growth under ideal conditions and how that growth builds upon itself each year to become larger and stronger in its presence.  The growth is a result of what went into that tree – air, sun, rain, soil, and the much needed space to expand.

Sometimes it takes a while for us to see our own new growth. What we were doing or implementing 6 months ago can be benefitting us now and we may not even be recognizing it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could see our own new growth as so obvious and brilliant?  And see how it helps give us our depth and beauty, and how it extends out to the people around us.  It’s so easy to just rush on by and not notice or celebrate all the good we do for ourselves and how it impacts us positively.

I’m also reminded to continually be aware of what I’m putting into me to create the kind of growth I want for myself in my personal and business life.  To reflect inwards and ask what am I happy about right now in my life?  What areas am I wanting to improve in some way?  This present time in my life is a product of the choices I made leading up to now.  What choices worked for me, and what choices did I make and not enjoy the end result of?  What steps can I take to make some new choices and how can I implement them?  There is a great deal of power in realizing we are the creators of our own lives and consciously stepping into choice.

Being consciously aware isn’t always an easy path though. There have been many times when I wished I wasn’t so aware and wondered how I could go back to being oblivious and not take on the responsibility.  Thankfully those moments are fleeting and I get back on my mindful feet – my choice!

Summer Energizer:

Mother Nature doesn’t require an appointment so I invite you to take advantage of this beautiful season. Take 5 minutes for yourself, grab some water to sip (I keep frozen berries on hand to add to my water) and go sit outside and nourish your senses.  Place your bare feet directly on the ground, feel the warmth of the sun or the cool air of the shade.  Listen to the birds singing, the leaves rustling in the wind.  Take in all the colours of your surroundings, smell the warm sweet air and enjoy!

It’s All About Choice

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