The holiday break feels like a long time ago now. Reflecting back, there were days of where I hung out with my family and the only ‘to do’s’ (if I could call them that) where to enjoy some food, pick a movie to watch, flip through a magazine and just go with the flow of the day. Was I concerned about what I was not getting done at the time? NOPE, this was an intentional gift to myself. I know I did what was best for me as I was looking forward to getting back into my personal & business routines, and my kids personal & school routines, and doing so with excitement!

Years ago I decided to stop making resolutions. At the time I didn’t really understand why I wouldn’t follow through with them. I just knew that starting the first month off in the New Year not sticking to my resolutions felt crappy. What became clear to me was I’m not really into doing things just because everyone else is. I do things if / when they are right for me, not because of the calendar or someone else’s agenda. I also know that when I really want to do something I will make it happen. The energy is there, the ability to ‘find the time’ happens, and the focus is immense. I now prefer to create my vision, set my intentions, and work through whatever resistance comes up for me.

2016 was a year spent creating a stronger foundation, expanding my skills, working with my manifesting abilities, and stepping into a new level of acceptance of myself. Welcome 2017! It’s time to shine in a way that comes most naturally, to step beyond newly acquired comfort zones, and come from an even greater place of service. Cheers to a magnificent year ahead!

New Year Thoughts

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