Emotional Success Coaching Utilizing EFT/tapping

This is a transformational process where you will receive professional level EFT in a coaching framework over 6 sessions one to one.  During this 12 week period you will also be supported via email in between sessions.  Sessions available in person in King City or virtually via Zoom.


Intro to EFT/tapping

In this presentation, you will learn about a very powerful tool that is both gentle and effective to address and relieve stress, upset, fears, cravings and more in order to create a life with emotional freedom.  This is an interactive hands on experience and you will leave with a tool at your fingertips for stress.


What is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/tapping)?

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT/tapping is a physiological acupressure technique.  It combines gentle tapping with our fingertips on acupressure points on the hand, face, and body while focusing (temporarily) on upsetting emotions, sensations, thoughts and behaviours around specific issues, events, situations or physical pain that we wish to resolve and gain emotional freedom from.

For more information on EFT/tapping please visit:

National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute

The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques

Intuitive Reiki Sessions

An ancient Japanese holistic energy practice that helps to remove energy blockages and gently balance the body’s energy system while promoting relaxation and overall well-being.  A great practice for times of unexpected life transitions as Reiki can help soften the effects of change and stress.  Reiki sessions are in person in King City.

Soul Realignment Reading

A unique intuitive reading that helps people understand what they are truly gifted in at their soul level, why they may not be fully accessing their gifts, and also what to look for when they are not in alignment with who they are at soul level.  Also discussed are the specific patterns and blocks affecting their life today and what new conscious choices can be made moving forward.  Readings are conducted virtually via Zoom.

Soul Realignments Reading with Basic Business Energy Assessment

Along with your soul characteristics, traits and gifts you will also receive a basic energy assessment for your existing or potential business as it relates to your current financial intentions.  Areas covered in this assessment at a general overall level are products / services, marketing, clients, sales, systems, and contributors.  Readings are conducted virtually via Zoom.