“Need a little patience, yeah

Just a little patience, yeah

Some more patience, yeah”

Quoted from the song Patience by Guns N’ Roses



Recently the song Patience popped into my head. It’s a song that was a good part of my teenage years (oh my, I looked up the release date and it’s almost 30 years old)! I hadn’t played it in many years and it’s one of the songs I used to love to sing to.  By the time I’ve belted out all the lyrics I’ve gotten rid extra energy I don’t need, been given goosebumps by the acoustic guitars, and given my diaphragm and lungs a mini workout.  I’m in a much better place!

Those of us with school age children are most likely looking forward to getting back into a routine. Or we may be dreading the school routine all together.  Either way, this is the time when parents and kids can get a little out of sorts.  We may find ourselves lacking in patience, that our reactions to certain things can become inflated.  This can be an indication that we need to step up our self-care regime.

Build something into your day that nourishes and energizes you even if it’s only for a few minutes. Be aware that you are taking some much needed time for yourself, that it’s not part of the continuous ‘to do’ list.

Simple self-care ideas that don’t require a lot of time:

  • Warm cup of herbal tea
  • Make a smoothie
  • Deep breathing
  • Journaling
  • Colouring
  • Play a favorite song to dance or sing to
  • Go outside for some fresh air and sunshine
  • Play with a four legged friend

May you find the patience and peace you need to enjoy the remaining summer days while preparing for new beginnings!

Simple Ideas for Limited Patience & Time

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