Thanksgiving was extra special for my family and I this year as we got to have my older daughter home from school for a visit. It was short and sweet, the minutes seemed to go by so quickly. If I wasn’t fully present I would have missed precious time. I enjoyed the much needed energy connection and conversation with my family and friends.

I was so thankful as I was reminded many times of the importance of the work I do with my clients and for myself as an individual, mom, wife, sister, friend, and woman in business. The specific point of minding my own ‘stuff’ the unresolved emotions, issues, events and how that can show up in my energy and interactions with others. All human beings have their own stuff, no one gets a pass on this. We all have silent and not so silent battles, conflicts, and challenges going on inside of us. We bring all this stuff with us wherever we go. We are all responsible for the energy we bring to each and every situation and our relationships whether we like it or not.

I am very grateful for my health, family, friends, and my life. However, I was really feeling the need to bring my reflection inwards: I am thankful for my self-awareness (even when it annoys me), for knowing that I am the driver of my life (even when sometimes I don’t want to be), for the ability to create calmness and peace in my system when stress rises, for the ability to create more patience and compassion for myself which also extends to the people around me, for knowing that I always have a choice (even when it feels like have no choice). No matter what is going on around me I always have the opportunity to look inwards and this gives me hope!

Thankful Thoughts

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