Lately I’ve been enjoying some new normals in my professional life. It’s a great feeling when you realize and appreciate that which was once out of your comfort zone now feels easy, a no brainer, a natural part of your life. For those who are highly sensitive, like myself, and want to create some change it can require many smaller steps rather than a few big ones and done. Here’s what I do:

  • I prefer to break things down into small manageable chunks. Even though the steps are smaller I can still feel resistance or stressed with regards to a task. That may look like me feeling confused or fearful, having negative thoughts, unable to focus, procrastinating, my body aching, or perhaps its external circumstances I’m allowing to get in the way. I use EFT/Tapping to interrupt my stress response and address whatever is coming up for me at the time either by myself or with my practitioner.
  • As I move through my steps and have positive experiences and outcomes I have learned to harness this positive energy. I intentionally use it to propel myself forward into another step on my list like saying yes to an opportunity that feels uncomfortable for me. What If I have an experience that didn’t go so well from one of my steps? I use my EFT/Tapping to interrupt my stress response and address what’s coming up for me about it too so I don’t stay stuck there and lose momentum.
  • I have found that I work best moving through my steps when I am accountable to someone else so I always have an accountability buddy that I report to.

How do we avoid burnout when we are creating change that feels uncomfortable? The steps above along with other supportive habits through the process like meditation, nutrition, hydration, exercise, and human connection are all pieces of a foundation that is built to not only reach the change/goal/big step, but also to be able to sustain the change in a healthy way.

From Uncomfortable Change to a New Normal

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