So many of us can be challenged with speaking our own truth. Many of us may have learned that doing so can get us into trouble with others.  Sometimes we are so concerned about what others think that we will avoid it at all cost.

There are many thoughts and feelings as to why we are not speaking our truth. We may not feel safe to do it, we don’t want to upset the other person, we want to avoid conflict, we want to be able to go about our ways and still have everyone like us, we don’t want to be judged, we want to feel accepted, or we may feel responsible for keeping the peace.  We may have a great need to explain ourselves and give lots of detail, or we may avoid others and the conversation or situation all together.  We may even end up resenting others, blaming them thinking it’s their fault that we can’t speak our truth.  The whole thing can be exhausting.  When we do this we give our power away.  Why are other people’s thoughts and feelings more important than our own?  By not speaking our own truth we end up hurting ourselves. We pay a price that will worsen over time.  That price is customized to the individual.

The first step is becoming aware of how not speaking our truth does not serve us, and knowing the price we are paying. It’s a step by step process of gathering experience and working on what comes up for us during the steps.  If you are feeling challenged and wish to have more freedom to speak your truth, please feel free to drop me a line at

(Our Own) Truth Be Told

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